Weddings & Occasions


We know how to help you take your wedding planning to the next level with a personalized line of wine to serve your guests on your special day. How about another for your wedding party? Or one to offer as wedding favours? The customization is virtually limitless with our vast selection of wine types and package sizes.

No wedding is too big or too small, but planning in advance is critical if you want your wine to taste its best on that most special of days...remember good wine needs to be aged before serving so allow yourself plenty of lead time. We can provide as little as 15 bottles of a single selection and remember, wine improves with age so what doesn’t get consumed on that day can fill your own personal cellar. We also offer carbonation so how about a nice sparkling white or rose for the Toast to the Bride and Groom! Learn more here.

No appointment necessary...stop in anytime to discuss your plans.

Personalized Labels

Personalize your batch of bottles to give out to friends, family, or feature at a special event. Click here to view our selection of customizable labels.

Special Occasions & Gift Giving

When you purchase a gift certificate from The Wine Factory, you’re giving the gift of an experience (and enough wine for the season). What could be better? Order yours now.

Give a gift that gets better with age.

“Happiness is wine and old friends.”