Sparkling Wines & Coolers

Did you know that fruit wines were first developed as a product to use up excess fruit? Another fun fact...Harm’s ancestral family made fruit wines in Holland for many generations.

While virtually any fruit can be fermented to be turned into fruit wine, only grapes contain the right balance of sugar and liquid volume to ferment without the addition of either sugar or water or both. The fruit wines we offer are blends of grape juice wines with the addition of flavoured sugar packs. We offer these wines as either low alcohol, very sweet, fruity confections or alternatively, by adding the flavour pack to the fermentation, a dry, higher alcohol fruit flavoured wine.

Either style can also be carbonated to create sparkling wines and fruit coolers.

Your own sparkling white or rosé makes a memorable Toast to the Bride and Groom, or gifts to wedding attendants!  If you are planning a wedding please see how we can assist you  HERE

From juice to sparkling wine or coolers in just 4 weeks!

6.5L of juice makes 23L of wine or 30 750ml bottles

Ask us about the huge selection of fruit flavours available

  • Acai Raspberry Rapture
  • Blackberry Blast
  • Blueberry Bliss
  • Cranberry Craze
  • Pomegranate Wildberry Wave
  • Seville Orange Sangria
  • Very Black Cherry
  • Rockin Raspberry Rose
  • Green Apple Delight
  • Peach Perfection
  • Strawberry Sensation
  • Tropical Lime

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