Four Stage Water Purification Plant In House!

We offer self-serve 18.9L Water Refills for just $2.00 with the pre-purchase of a 10 refill card.

We have a 4 Stage water filtration and treatment system in house.

  • Stage 1- Sediment Filtration, removes dirt and other solids
  • Stage 2 – Activated Carbon Filtration, removes minerals and contaminants such as chlorine,¬†chromium, mercury, copper, chloramine and pesticides
  • Stage 3 – Reverse Osmosis Filtration, removes smaller molecules of contaminants remaining in pre-treated water.
  • Stage 4 – Ultra-violet light treatment, UV kills any microbes that may have survived the first 3 stages.

Water refill customers: The price includes sanitization of your bottle and a new spill proof cap for every refill. We are confident that we offer the best price and service in the Lower Mainland!

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