Bag in a Box

Same taste, but a greener, easier to transport and more affordable alternative.

Ideal for customers living in smaller residences where space is an issue, our bag in a box option is greener, more portable and more space efficient than heavy glass bottles. 22.5 litres fills 5 bags–the equivalent of 30 bottles! During the packaging process, most air is removed from the bag, creating a safe, long-term aging environment for your wine. The 4.5 litre metalized polyester bag ensures a gas impermeable enclosure for your wine where it remains safe from the harmful effects of oxidization; this ensures product satisfaction and a long shelf life.

Why do our customers love their bag-in-a-box wine?

  • Affordability. For new customers a set of bottles represents an investment of $30 plus taxes. The bags, on the other hand, are included in the cost of their order since they replace the current caps, corks and labels used in bottling.
  • Space.   Five  bags are 22.5 litres, the equivalent of 30 bottles, and fit into a space no larger than an oversize case of 12 wine bottles.
  • Simpler process.  Some customers find all the work involved in bottling; the bottle cleaning, removal of labels storage and the hauling of bottles to and from the store more tiresome.
  • Transportable. Our boxes are portable, even if you’re commuting by foot. And with our proximity to the skytrain it’s a simple trip to travel home with your wine if you’re using transit.
  • Some customers are affected by arthritis and can no longer remove corks from the bottles.

Bottles & Corks

For wine drinkers who enjoy traditional glass bottle and cork packaging, our semi-automated bottling system is efficient and easy to use. This system entails an Iodine based sanitation system, 3 head Enolmaster bottler, pneumatic corker, shrink wrap sealing and hand application of labels.

“Wine makes all things possible”

Easy Bottle Sanitizing

3 Head Bottle Filler

Corking and Sealing


“Wine makes all things possible”