BC Liquor Regulations


We offer the ingredients, materials, equipment, expertise and services needed to produce high quality wines at a broad range of prices.

Making your own wines with a recognized Craft Wine Making business like The Wine Factory, is a great way to include wine in your lifestyle. Our customers, their friends and family often remark on the superior quality of the wines they make with us. One of the key benefits of making your own wine is that you will save money!

Please review the following Terms and Conditions of Sale before proceeding:

All purchasers must be of legal drinking age and must produce 2 pieces of recognized ID on request.

All purchasers must attend in person when ordering and starting their wines.

All products and services must be paid in advance (at time of purchase).

We accept cash, cheques, Debit Cards, Mastercard and Visa.

We cannot and do not offer samples, BC Liquor Regulations prohibit sampling.

Customers are entitled by regulation to taste their products at the time of packaging.

Sampling is restricted by regulation to no more than 250ml to be shared among all those involved in the packaging process.

Only those of legal drinking age can participate in the packaging.

All finished products must be packaged by the customer and removed from our premises directly after packaging is completed.

Wines can be packaged by appointment during regular business hours.

We will contact you by phone when the wine is ready for packaging. We ask that if we leave a message that you please return our call promptly to arrange your appointment. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

We are not responsible for products left more than 30 days from their projected ready date as printed on your invoice. Any wines not packaged and removed within 30 days are subject to destruction. We will endeavour to contact you again before destroying any wine, please keep your contact information up to date. Please note that the quality of the wine will deteriorate over time. Wine awaiting packaging IS NOT AGING. Wine only ages effectively in a sealed container. Wine awaiting packaging is stored under an airlock and is not sealed. Noticeable quality degradation can occur after the initial 30 day period. We are not responsible for the quality of wines left more than 30 days.

All wines are for PERSONAL CONSUMPTION ONLY. Consumer made wines can be used and served at CERTAIN TYPES of Special Occasion Licensed events such as Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries and other Family focused events. Check with your Local Government Liquor Store for details.