Barrel Aging

All wines need aging. In the commercial wine world most wineries age their wines in bulk before packaging thereby ensuring that the wines you buy at the liquor vendor are ready for your table and glass. The craft wines you make also need aging, which typically occurs in the bottle or bag after you package the wine and take it home.

When space is a problem, it’s tough to get your wine aged to perfection–especially if you only have room to store a few dozen bottles. Another drawback of bottle aging “green wines” is that wine ages better in larger volumes.

Our barrel aging program helps solves these common concerns.

Our barrels are a mix of French, Hungarian and American oak. In each barrel we aggregate the wine of 10 different customers as they actually benefit from the larger volume of the barrels. Although oak barrels give aging a head start, your wine will still need finishing time in the bottle. This length of time depends on both the type of wine, and personal taste.

We offer a revolving selection of Super and Ultra-Premium red wines, and the occasional white, in our Barrel Aging Program. Current selections are listed in store on our barrel aging sign-up sheets. We combine 10 customer orders to fill a 225L neutral oak barrel to provide the unique environment offered by barrel aging that helps build the structure of the wine and enhance its flavours. Barrel aging adds a $30 premium to the regular price of these wines. Come in anytime to see what wines are being featured at any given time. These wines require patience since the barrel aging time varies from a minimum of 3 months to 7 to 8 months for the Port. These times are in addition to the initial 6 to 8 weeks needed to actually make the wine.

“Take life one sip at a time.”

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