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The Historic Dupont Building was erected over a century ago and is noteworthy for the Iron pillars that mark its main entrances. Today this Historic building, which once sat in the heart of New Westminster’s waterfront saloon district, is the home of The Wine Factory which opened to serve New Westminster wine drinkers over two decades ago. Originally located in Uptown New West, The Wine Factory, the city’s first on-premise wine store, moved Downtown just over six years ago and in that short time has witnessed major changes to the neighbourhood including the development of the Anvil Centre, building of the Trapp+Holbrook condo development, the tragic fire that claimed several other Historic downtown buildings including the landmark Copp’s Shoe’s building, the demolition of the western portion of the parkade and reincarnation of Front Street as the Mews. The Wine Factory is proud to have been serving local wine consumers throughout and looks forward to many more years in our unique and historic setting.

"We know that people are busy and we make every effort to provide the best service in the business. It takes less than thirty minutes to package your wine, and there is almost always free parking available directly across the street." Ensures owner, Harm Woldring.

Come visit us in our historic wine cellar and let us help you select and create your favourite red or white wine – and by the way, we’d love to help you curate an unforgettable, and affordable wedding package if you are planning a wedding.

“Wine! Because no great story started with someone eating a salad.”


The 1880’s

Front Street - fronting the Fraser River - there were docks for the sailing ships that came from all over the world, salmon canneries and lumber mills, blacksmith shops, coffee shops, and saloons, New Westminster had 17 saloons, open all night, seven days a week. Alcohol fueled those early days of commerce, hard work and growth.

Today, the mix of commerce is less reliant on the Fraser River, but still houses businesses, coffee shops and places where people gather along the waterfront. The Wine Factory is nestled within the infamous Dupont Block; which once housed the Liverpool Arms Saloon until the building burned in the Great Fire of 1898, The building is part of a grouping of late Victorian and Edwardian era commercial buildings in historic downtown New Westminster designed by architect G.W. Grant for Victoria investors D.R. Harris and Major Charles T. Dupont. The Wine Factory’s original walls are those that partially burnt down in the Great Fire, before Dupont financed a replacement two-storey block, incorporating the still-standing walls of the earlier structure. What stood as the original ground level, a century ago, is now our brick lined basement remaining sturdy alongside the building’s signature cast iron pillars. “We chose this location for several reasons not the least of which were the ideal conditions offered by this unique space” says Harm Woldring, the owner and winemaker. “The three foot thick stone, brick and masonry walls that enclose this cellar are reminiscent of an old European wine cellar that is cavernous and naturally cool; where our customer’s wine ferments until it is ready for them to package it. We invite you to pop by for a free factory tour to learn the rest of our story, and see our historic site–anytime you please!

The Dupont Block (1899) ran from 642-650 Columbia Street Source: http://www.nwheritage.org/heritagesite/homes/content/dhb/642ColumbiaSt.htm

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