The 5 Steps to Making Your Own Wine

Craft wine making at The Wine Factory is unbelievably simple. Here’s what you have to do.

1. Pick out your juice/wine (by far the most difficult step)

This can be very intimidating and that’s why we’re here to help.  With over 250 wines to choose from it’s easy to get confused. Firstly decide on the quality, all of our wines are a combination of fresh and concentrated varietal grape juices.  House wines are ready to bottle soonest (5 weeks) and ready to drink quickest (within a month after bottling) but they contain the most concentrate and the least juice.  That’s not bad, but think of fresh orange juice versus concentrate – both are good for you, but which do you prefer? Our Premium wines have a lot more fresh juice and are what most of our regular customers drink, they take 6 weeks to make and are ready to drink about 3 months after bottling.  Above that are the super and ultra-premium products where the juice is from a specific vineyard, these wines take 7/8 weeks to make and require patience because you should bottle age 6, 12 or more months before you drink them.

After deciding on the quality you want, you need to pick the type of wine to make.  This may or may not be easy depending on how much you know about wine.  That’s why we’re here.  If, for example, you’ve been drinking a lot of oaky Australian Shiraz lately and that’s what you want—GREAT! We can do that.  If you’re just not sure, we can help you decide.  Dry, off-dry, sweet, full, light…if you have some idea of what you’d like (or even if you don’t) we’ll find something for you.

2. Come and start your wine.

This is the money part.  You don’t have to make an appointment to do this, drop in whenever it’s convenient for you (10-7 Monday, CLOSED Tuesday 10-7 Wednesday, 10- 6:30 Thursday , 10-5 Friday, 9-5 Saturday, 12-4 Sundays).  It’s simple and generally only takes a few minutes.  We’re here to make this as painless as possible.  At this stage you’ll have to pay for your wine and we’ll give you a rough idea of when your wine will be ready.

3. Wait…

Here’s the tough part, it’s going to take 5-8 weeks for your wine to be ready for packaging.  So, if you’re having a party next week you’re out of luck.  But remember, good things come to those who wait.  We’ll give you a call when it’s ready and you can book an appointment to package your wine.

4. Wine Packaging.

This is where you get your hands dirty.   No, it does not take all day—only about 25 minutes.  Yes, it’s really simple—anyone can do it, we have helpers from age 5 to 95.  We’re ALWAYS here to help. You can choose between bottles or dispenser bags. Your order will yield 22.5l which fills either 30 standard 750ml bottles or five 4.5L dispenser bags (equivalent to 6 – 750ml bottles per bag) or a mix-and-match combination of both.  If you choose bottles you’ll start by sanitizing them (they must be clean before you bring them in).  Then you fill, cork, cap and label them.  If you don’t have bottles you can buy them here. Alternatively you can choose the dispenser bags, they are free with any order and replace  caps, corks and labels used when bottling. We have a unique bag filling system ( ) that makes this just as easy, or easier, than bottling, still going to take under a ½ hour.

5. Enjoy!

Really it’s that easy. Your wine’s ready to take home, age and enjoy.

We’re the largest wine making store in New Westminster.  Here for 20 years and the perennial winner of New Westminster’s Reader’s Choice award and A-List 1st Place Winner every year.  Your friends and neighbours are doing it…Why aren’t you?



Q. How long does it take to make the wine?

A. Five to eight weeks depending on the wine.


Q. Can I get some right now or a sample to taste?

A. Nope, we’re not allowed to do that… it’s the law!


Q. But what if I don’t like it?

A. You will. But if you don’t please bring it back. We’ll be happy to replace it.

        100% Satisfaction guaranteed every time.


Q. How much work do I have to do?

A. The most work you have to do is during packaging, it takes about 25 minutes and almost anyone can do it.


Q. How much does it cost to do a batch?

A. Anywhere from $120- to $260 (or about $3 to $9 per bottle) depending on the quality of wine product you choose.


Q. What does that include?

A. Wine, taxes, our services, corks, caps and labels — everything except bottles.


Q. How much wine do I get?

A. 22.5l or thirty standard (750 ml) bottles of one type of wine or five 4.5L dispenser bags or a combination of these two packaging methods.


Q. What if there’s a group of us who want to make wine together?

A.  Great, we are always happy to see groups enjoying the pleasure of making wine together. Give us a call to learn more.

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