5 Easy Steps to Making Wine

Craft wine making at The Wine Factory is unbelievably simple.:

BEFORE you start please read the BC Liquor Regulations about Making Craft Wines

Pick out your juice & wine
With over 250 wines to choose from, it’s easy to get confused. Don’t worry, we’re here to help:

First, decide on the quality of your juice. All of our wines are a combination of fresh and concentrated varietal grape juices. House wines are ready to bottle soonest (5 weeks) and ready to drink quickest (within a month after bottling) but they contain the most concentrated and the least juice.

Our premium wines have a lot more fresh juice and are what most of our regular customers drink. They take 6 weeks to make and are ready to drink about 3 months after bottling.

Above that are our super and ultra-premium products; their juice is from a specific vineyard and take 7/8 weeks to make. They require patience because your should bottle age at least 6 months before you drink them.

After deciding on the quality of wine you want, you need to pick the type of wine to make. Have you been enjoying oaky Australian Shiraz lately? We can do that. Not sure if you’re a dry, sweet, full, or light wine drinker? We can help.

Come and start your wine.
Drop in whenever it’s convenient for you. The process is simple and takes only a few minutes.  At this stage you’ll have to pay for your wine and we’ll give you a rough idea of when your wine will be ready.
This is the tough part. In about 5-8 weeks, your wine will be ready for packaging. But remember, good things come to those who wait. We’ll give you a call when it’s ready and you can book an appointment to package your wine.
Wine Packaging.
It’s time to fill, cork, cap and label. This will take approximately 25 minutes, for either our bottle or dispenser bag method. Your order will yield 22.5l, which fills either 30 standard 750ml bottles–or five 4.5L dispenser bags (equivalent to 6 – 750ml bottles per bag). You can also choose a mix-and-match combination of both. We have a unique bag filling system that is just as simple as bottling, in ½ an hour -  LEARN MORE
Your wine is ready to take home, age and enjoy. Did you know? We’re the largest wine making store in New Westminster. We’ve been here for 20 years and the perennial winner of New Westminster’s Reader’s Choice award and A-List 1st Place Winner every year. Your friends and neighbours are enjoying our wine–why aren’t you?