“Money doesn’t buy happiness. Unless you spend it on wine.”

Getting Started

Craft wine making at The Wine Factory is unbelievably simple. Here’s what you have to do.

Wine Selection

Use the wine selector to learn more about wines you love and possibly discover new wines that might be your next favourite.



We offer more than 250 different varieties of juice from across the globe to make quality wines, coolers, and ciders on-site.



“Home is where your wine is”

Bottling Wine

“I just rescued some wine - it was trapped in a bottle”

Why Make Your Own Wine

Quality - Quality ingredients and a trusted system

Affordability - A quality option for every price point

Eco-Friendly - Reuse your bottles again–and again

Vegan - “No animal by products added" rather than cleaning agents

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We PROVIDE the ingredients, materials, equipment, expertise and services needed to produce high quality wines at a broad range of prices.

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  • After 6 weeks, these big boys are finally ready to be bottled. Contact us to get your name on the next batch: Link in bio.
  • “The Wine Factory is nestled within the infamous Dupont Block; which once housed the Liverpool Arms Saloon until the building burned in the Great Fire of 1898...” Learn the rest of our story: Link in bio.🍷
  • Why you should make your own wine at The Wine Factory: 1) It’s sustainable 2) It’s sustainable 3)Your friends and neighbours are enjoying our wine–why aren’t you? Learn more: Link in bio.🍷
  • Have you heard about our barrel aging program? 
Our barrels are a mix of French, Hungarian and American oak. In each barrel we aggregate the wine of 10 different customers as they actually benefit from the larger volume of the barrels.🍷 Learn more: Link in bio.